Apr 09

Distilled Water Is Healthy Water

Distilled Water Is Healthy Water

distillerdistillerWater distillers are a fantastic appliance for people who are health conscious and concerned about pollutants or chemicals. Distilled water is great for drinking and cooking and is also perfect for watering plants. If you are in the market for a water distiller, there are a few things you should know in order to make a smart selection.

Look for a Money-Back Guarantee

When shopping for a water distiller, make sure the one you select has at least a 30-day money-back guarantee. You certainly don’t want to buy a dud and then be stuck with it. A water distiller, like any electronic appliance, is a fairly complicated piece of apparatus and there are a number of things that can go wrong during the manufacturing or assembly process. Moreover, shipping and handling can damage a machine and cause it to not work properly.  Therefore, be sure to select a model that offers a solid guarantee in the event of failure.

Be careful however as some manufacturers may claim that they offer a money-back-guarantee, yet will only accept a return if the appliance is sent back unused. Therefore if you open the box, plug it in and try to use it, only to discover that the machine does not work, you cannot return the item because it has technically been used.

The type of guarantee you need is where the manufacturer accepts returns even if you have used the appliance for several weeks before discovering it does not work properly. Some manufacturers require a restocking fee if you have changed your mind about the purchase and want to return the item even though it is in working order. A restocking fee is customary and appropriate.

Make Sure the Water Distiller is Certified

When shopping for a water distiller, be sure that it has been certified by some appropriate governmental agency or consumer advocate group, such as the Underwriters Laboratories, the Canadian Standards Association, ANSI, or the U.S.’s Nationally Recognised Testing Laboratories.

If the appliance has not been certified, then it has not been approved for safe use by a recognised authority.  A well-designed, quality-manufactured water distiller should be able to pass the standards test of nearly any safety authority.

Look for a seal or decal on the box or packaging that indicates the item has passed the necessary standards test.  This is extremely important, since you will be ingesting the output of the water distiller. Any appliance that has not been tested and certified should be considered unsafe. Make sure that you choose one of the dozens (or even hundreds) of other brands that have passed certification standards testing.

Make Sure the Water Distiller is Competitively Priced

When shopping for a water distiller, don’t choose one that is much cheaper or much more expensive than other models. Select one that is competitively priced.

If the unit is considerably less expensive than the average price, the reason for that is probably inferior materials and workmanship. You do not want to scrimp on manufacturing when it comes to an appliance that produces water you intend to drink.

On the other hand, if the item is considerably more expensive than average, you should make sure you know what you are paying for. Does it offer features which others do not? Does it claim to be of better quality and workmanship? If you pay more for an item, that is your decision. But be sure you know what you are getting, and be certain it is not simply hype.

By following the above tips, you will be able to choose a great water filter that has been certified safe. You can use it for at least a few weeks to be sure it operates properly and make sure you will be certain that you aren’t paying too much and that you aren’t buying an inferior product.

Sally Dimmock is a writer who believes that water distillers are a great product and have many uses. However, she recommends that if you are looking to purchase one, you ensure you buy one which comes with a guarantee just in case you need to take it back.