Apr 06

Multipure Continues to be The Best Home Water Filter

Multipure has proven once again that they are the best in home water filtration. The Multipure Aquadome and Aquaversa are certified by NSF newest standard, 401 to reduce even more contaminants from drinking water, including prescription drugs and OTC medications!

This is exciting news as we are becoming more aware of the drugs that are contaminating our water supply. Now you can drink you own tap water without the worry of contamination from these products.

This is even further proof that Multipure water filters are the best on the market today. Check the NSF Official site for all the awesome details on Multipure’s water filters. No other water filter reduces more contaminants. Guaranteed!

There has never been a better time to purchase your own Multipure water filter today. Visit www.indianawaterfilters.com and start drinking the safest water you can drink, right at your kitchen sink.

Jun 06

Multipure Aquaversa (MP750sb) Named #1 For Second Year In A Row!

Consumer Reports Best Water Filters – 2013

CR1Consumer Reports is my favorite magazine of its type, and I  trust them to give fair and unbiased  test results. In this June, 2013 edition they tested and reported on most common kitchen appliances and surprisingly, for the second year in a row, water filters!  Consumer Reports tells us that filtering tap water can save money and keep millions of plastic bottles out of landfills. This is especially important as most of these water bottles never make it to the recycling bins or the landfills, but end up in our waterways and oceans!

CR tested almost 40 water filters for their report covering such aspects as: how well they removed contaminants including lead removal, chloroform removal, flow rate, clogging, filter replacement and price.

Lead removal indicates the percentage of lead that was removed.

Chloroform removal rates the percentage of chloroform removed. A filter’s ability to remove chloroform predicts how well it will remove many organic compounds as well as byproducts created by disinfectants used by water systems.

Flow rate measures how long it takes to filter 1 gallon of water. The criteria for flow rate scores differently between different types of filters. Faucet-mount, countertop, and undersink models use the same criterion; carafes and reverse osmosis models each have their own.

Clogging measures how well the filter retains its flow rate over time and whether it stopped flowing completely before its claimed life span.

Prices shown are approximate retail.

CR tested carafes, countertop, faucet mounted, reverse osmosis, and under sink water filters.

Once again, the Multipure MP750sb (also known as the Aquaversa) rated best for under the sink water filters.  I highly recommend the Multipure line of products and this is the system that I have in my kitchen. For answers to abt questions or concerns you might have in regard to Multipure drinking water system, feel free to give me a call or visit my site: http://multipureusa.com/koakley

Apr 09

Distilled Water Is Healthy Water

Distilled Water Is Healthy Water

distillerdistillerWater distillers are a fantastic appliance for people who are health conscious and concerned about pollutants or chemicals. Distilled water is great for drinking and cooking and is also perfect for watering plants. If you are in the market for a water distiller, there are a few things you should know in order to make a smart selection.

Look for a Money-Back Guarantee

When shopping for a water distiller, make sure the one you select has at least a 30-day money-back guarantee. You certainly don’t want to buy a dud and then be stuck with it. A water distiller, like any electronic appliance, is a fairly complicated piece of apparatus and there are a number of things that can go wrong during the manufacturing or assembly process. Moreover, shipping and handling can damage a machine and cause it to not work properly.  Therefore, be sure to select a model that offers a solid guarantee in the event of failure.

Be careful however as some manufacturers may claim that they offer a money-back-guarantee, yet will only accept a return if the appliance is sent back unused. Therefore if you open the box, plug it in and try to use it, only to discover that the machine does not work, you cannot return the item because it has technically been used.

The type of guarantee you need is where the manufacturer accepts returns even if you have used the appliance for several weeks before discovering it does not work properly. Some manufacturers require a restocking fee if you have changed your mind about the purchase and want to return the item even though it is in working order. A restocking fee is customary and appropriate.

Make Sure the Water Distiller is Certified

When shopping for a water distiller, be sure that it has been certified by some appropriate governmental agency or consumer advocate group, such as the Underwriters Laboratories, the Canadian Standards Association, ANSI, or the U.S.’s Nationally Recognised Testing Laboratories.

If the appliance has not been certified, then it has not been approved for safe use by a recognised authority.  A well-designed, quality-manufactured water distiller should be able to pass the standards test of nearly any safety authority.

Look for a seal or decal on the box or packaging that indicates the item has passed the necessary standards test.  This is extremely important, since you will be ingesting the output of the water distiller. Any appliance that has not been tested and certified should be considered unsafe. Make sure that you choose one of the dozens (or even hundreds) of other brands that have passed certification standards testing.

Make Sure the Water Distiller is Competitively Priced

When shopping for a water distiller, don’t choose one that is much cheaper or much more expensive than other models. Select one that is competitively priced.

If the unit is considerably less expensive than the average price, the reason for that is probably inferior materials and workmanship. You do not want to scrimp on manufacturing when it comes to an appliance that produces water you intend to drink.

On the other hand, if the item is considerably more expensive than average, you should make sure you know what you are paying for. Does it offer features which others do not? Does it claim to be of better quality and workmanship? If you pay more for an item, that is your decision. But be sure you know what you are getting, and be certain it is not simply hype.

By following the above tips, you will be able to choose a great water filter that has been certified safe. You can use it for at least a few weeks to be sure it operates properly and make sure you will be certain that you aren’t paying too much and that you aren’t buying an inferior product.

Sally Dimmock is a writer who believes that water distillers are a great product and have many uses. However, she recommends that if you are looking to purchase one, you ensure you buy one which comes with a guarantee just in case you need to take it back.

Dec 31

Multipure Introduces Whole House And Mini Water Filters

Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) November 06, 2012

As part of Multipures Celebrate 30 (C30) convention in November,Multipure introduced its new Multipure Aquasource and Aquamini drinking water systems. Held at the Planet Hollywood Casino Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, C30 offered the chance for Multipures Distributors, colleagues, and other attendees to get a first look at these exciting new additions to Multipures line of powerful and convenient water filtration products.

Multipure currently offers superior drinking water systems for countertop, below sink, and in-line use. The Multipure Aquasourceis a powerful drinking water solution for point-of-entry, whole-house filtration. The Multipure Aquasource is designed to connect near a homes water heater, filtering a variety of contaminants at the water source to provide cleaner, more healthful water throughout the house.

As a complement to the Multipure Aquasource, Multipures new Aquamini drinking water system is a small, portable, and convenient drinking water system designed for travel, vacations, business trips, hotel rooms, and school dormitories. The Aquamini provides the same level of versatile filtration as Multipures Aquaversa drinking water system, in a smaller housing designed to fit equally well in a bag or luggage. The Aquamini connects to most standard faucets with a dual-hose diverter valve, allowing it to be set up for use within minutes.

Multipures President Zachary Rice unveils the new Aquasource whole house water filter, using a bit of dry ice for dramatic effect. ooohhhhh, ahhhhhhh!

Multipure President, Zachary Rice, feels that these new products serve as a natural complement to Multipures existing line of products. Multipure has always excelled at providing industry-leading point-of-use drinking water systems for the kitchen or bathroom sink. With the Multipure Aquasource and the Aquamini, we can fulfill the need for better water for the entire home and better water away from home.

Multipure Vice President of Network Marketing, Regina M. Noriega, touts these products as a sign of the strong relationship between Multipure and its family of Independent Distributors. For some time, many of our Distributors have asked for a comprehensive solution to water filtration at point-of-entry. At the same time, they have asked for a more portable version of Multipures existing point-of-use systems. With the Multipure Aquasource and the Aquamini, we are providing our Distributors with Multipures next great products.

The Multipure Aquasource and Aquamini debuted at Multipures Celebrate 30 convention, which ran from Friday, November 2, 2012, through Sunday, November 4, 2012. Events and features included a special anniversary dinner, motivational speeches, recognition and awards, and Multipure University training classes.

Founded in 1970, Multipure is an industry leader in the manufacture and distribution of drinking water systems and compressed solid carbon block filters. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Multipure employs over 200 people, and is committed to being an eco-friendly company that provides the people of the world with the best quality drinking water at an affordable price. Multipure is a member of the Water Quality Association, the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, and the Better Business Bureau.